Our e-commerce solutions range from straight forward Magento/ZenCart/OpenCart implementations to custom developed e-commerce websites with multiple payment gateways, shipping API integration and POS integrations. Our affordable e-commerce services include:

  • Implementation and themeing of shopping cart scripts like Maegnto, CubeCart, OpenCart, ZenCart etc.
  • Module/plugin installation and custom module development
  • Payment gateway implementation
  • Third party API integrations

We can also develop custom shopping carts and implement multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Worldpay, 2Checkout, Payumoney, Paytm etc. Shopping cart scripts can be further merged with Content Management System (CMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to create websites which can be easily managed by the administrator.

Types of Ecommerce Websites

We offer the following types of e-commerce solutions:

Hosted Ecommerce Websites

Shopify is a prefect and popular example of a hosted e-commerce solution. Simply signup for a Shopify account, configure your website, upload products and you are done. No need to hire a developer or install an e-commerce script. You don’t even need a web hosting account.


  • Quickest way to sell goods online.
  • No hosting or coding required.
  • No security or data backup worries.


  • The monthly charges turn out to be costlier in the long run.
  • Does not suit everybody’s requirements or needs. The featureset can be extended using plugins but most of the plugins are paid and add to the overall cost.

Off-the-shelf Shopping Carts

This option is meant for those who need an all encompassing and feature rich e-commerce solution. Off-the-shelf shopping cart scripts like Magento, CuberCart and OpenCart support a multitude of payment gateways and have many advanced features like: Repeat sales, Gift certificates, Quantity discounts, Cross selling etc.


  • Supports almost all of the popular gateways.
  • Lot of inbuilt features. Almost every bit of functionality you will ever need is already built in or available through plugins.


  • The abundance of features make these scripts very complex and slow to run. This is especially true for Magento.
  • Straight forward implementations are cheap but adding new functionality or features can turn out to be quite expensive.

Custom Developed Ecommerce Websites

This is the middle road between hosted e-commerce wesbites and off-the-shelf shopping cart scripts. This solution makes the most sense when you have a defined set of features and functionality which are not readily available in off-the-shelf e-commerce scripts. Custom developed e-commerce websites are easier to use and are more attuned to your business processes.


  • Developed from ground up to match your business requirements.
  • Can be easily extended to meet any future requirements.
  • The shopping experience is easier to customize compared to off-the-shelf e-commerce scripts.
  • The admin panel is simpler and easier to use.