We understand that your website is an extension of your real world business,  and therefore needs similar attention and careful planning. Your website is meticulously designed to complement your brand image. The HTML/CSS is coded to meet the latest specifications and trends. The website is then repeatedly tweaked to minimize loading times and maximize organic traffic.

Custom Web Designs

All our websites are custom designed to complement your brand image and corporate identity. We don’t risk diluting your brand equity by using off-the-shelf web templates. Each website design is unique and is developed for the client as per their preferences and requirements.

Search Engine Friendly Pages

Basic on-page Seach Engine Optimisation is included in all our core web development process. Our websites are developed from scratch to maximize your organic traffic at no extra cost to you. These practices include:

  • Responsive HTML/CSS layouts
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Optimized pages/images for faster loading times
  • Microdata in JSON-LD format
  • Meta tags and HTML5 semantic tags

Clean Semantic HTML Code

Our web developers take care to develop well structured and clean HTML code by making proper use of meta tags, alt tags, and header tags. This enables web bots (search engines) to navigate the website without any indexing errors and also gives a meaningful structure to the underlying code. This semantic code helps the search engines to understand your website and assign proper weightage to different sections of your website.